Mio Creative Lab is an international creative studio for photography, videography and design, aimed to create complete visual imagery for brands. We are mostly focused on beauty, lifestyle, health & wellness markets.

Mio Creative Lab offers a creative experience combined with beautiful, high quality imagery and a strategy for your brand, in order to reach a global audience and achieve international success. We are interested in working with highly ambitious brands that want to elevate their visual content, branding and digital presentation.

We will help you stand out from the crowd and connect with your ideal audience, as you scale your business beyond your highest expectations. Whether you are a startup brand that needs to set the right narrative in motion form the beginning, or a well-established name that wants a reinvention, we are extremely dedicated to and thorough about understanding exactly what the brand is, as well as to define what it could be.


We offer services in photography, videography and graphic design.

Creative direction is the core of every service we offer at Mio Creative Lab. Creative direction is what makes our brand photography and videography impactful, meaningful and transformational to your business. Creative direction is simply overseeing, managing and executing all of the tasks related to the creative project at hand. Our visual imagery brings your brand to life with multi-use stills for campaigns or projects.

Before your customer gets to know you, your brand or your product, they see an image which invites them to learn more, or passively scroll down. Creating a visual presentation that represents your brand correctly and engages the eye of the potential consumer takes strategy and vision. With our strategic approach, we make your brand identity stand out. Through the use of color, movement and concept, we enhance your brand’s personality and bring clear vision of your brand to the audience. 

Building a brand is a collaborative project – advertising, research, public relations, identity, events, publications, web-design, naming, packaging, strategy…

If your vision is clear and you did everything listed above, your brand is ready for visual presentation. For most of the products, visual experience is often the best and last chance to make a sale.  It has to be clear. If your audience can’t verbalize your concept, you’ve failed to communicate it. 

"While it is true that commercial art is always in danger of ending up as a prostitute, it is equally true that noncommercial art is always in danger of ending up as an old maid."

- Erwin Panofsky


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