Miomir Milic is an Art Historian, entrepreneur, photographer and creative director, with many years of experience in the business. After receiving an Art History degree at Belgrade University, Faculty of Philosophy, as well as many international awards, he started to developed his art skills in the field of photography and became one of the most successful photographers in Serbia.

After numerous published works and campaigns as a photographer, he decided to expand his work onto a related art field – videography and design, which brought him to a completely new dimension of art expression- commercial art.


“I was always interested in commercials and advertising, but I had never tried it. I thought I wasn’t ready for it, until I did my first campaign as a creative director, photographer and graphic designer. I realized that my greatest value as an artist is to give my work context and a certain purpose, and to create something called a “visual experience”.

I believe that visual imagery is the most powerful tool for grabbing the audience’s attention and giving life to a brand. The purpose of commercial arts is to sell, promote, explain and inform, but also to create an experience. To sustain success, companies have always needed to work on their visual presentation. I’m helping brands to reach their audience using creative visual imagery with clear messaging and effective design.”

True brand identity work is created with meticulous planning, strategy and focus on application across all touchpoints, all of which can ensure the client has the full branding toolkit to operate with.

This work is intricate, complex and thorough. Branding is a process that aims to shape how people view your company or product through its image and its foundational purpose. Ultimately, the idea is to create an emotional response.

Every brand needs to have a clear and precise vision – who they are, what is their target group, what are the brand’s values, touch-points etc.
Building a brand is a collaborative project – advertising, research, public relations, identity, events, publications, web-design, naming, packaging, strategy…

If your vision is clear and you did everything listed above, your brand is ready for visual presentation. For most of the products, visual experience is often the best and last chance to make a sale.  It has to be clear. If your audience can’t verbalize your concept, you’ve failed to communicate it. 

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